I built a tool to generate a whole blog from your Medium posts with one command

GitHub page for tool
GitHub page for tool
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  • I built a tool to convert all your Medium posts into a Gatsby blog in five minutes.
  • You can use it like this:


Copy-Paste Is Never the Answer…

A step-by-step tutorial on setting up a modern React app with no boilerplate




And How You Can Implement It On Your React Website

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Practical answers to day-to-day problems

What’s the alternative to the algorithms we love to hate on?

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Pick Your Weapon of Choice and I’ll Show You How to Fight

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⚠️ Important Note

I asked a bunch of programmers about their favorite syntax — here’s what they said

A Compilation of Adored Syntax Across Programming Languages

❌ It isn’t a programming tutorial.

❌ It isn’t going to explain the snippets presented.

❌ It isn’t an objective list.

✅ It is meant for fun.

✅ It is a compilation of opinions from various people.

Meet Nim: the language with Python-like syntax and C efficiency

While quite representative, the image above is for illustrative purposes only, i.e., it isn’t an actual chart of real results. (Image source: Author)
  • No, this language is not used by a lot of people.
  • But maybe it should be.


Because Criticizing Is Too Easy…

“There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.”

Yakko Majuri

Writing code and writing about writing code. Exploring the underrated topics in Software Development. I speak for myself only.

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